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Virtual Baseball Coaches

Virtual Baseball Coaches

The Internet brings about many opportunities for us to learn just about anything in life. People no longer have to attend actual pitch training sessions to learn all the tricks of the game when you can access an award-winning trainer to help counter your weaknesses and strengthen your strongholds. Our team teaches you to follow instructions by incorporating different coaching styles to match your persona.

What to expect from our virtual baseball coaches

What makes a great baseball coach? Most coaches do not have similar coaching styles or personalities; hence you will never get the same experience from any two trainers. However, it would help if you always pointed to a handful of skills and traits that reflect the persona of a great coach because exceptional ones will have incomparable technical skills and persona to train and ensure their students have world-class performance.

All our professional baseball academy coaches have experience playing in high levels of sports and know how to tweak their lessons without fringing down the details of an excellent baseball game. You want to work with these legends to help prepare you for the best performance, all while defining a personalized plan that matches your physical and mental competence level.

Notable skills of our virtual baseball coaches

Here is a short synopsis of each of our coach’s strong skills.

  • Jon Rivera – He played in minor and major leagues for at least 14 years and continued to coach state championships on two occasions.
  • Hassan Pena – He has a long-standing career dating back to 2006 and holds 86 savings throughout his career
  • Mark Montemurro – He is a decorated coach who has proven his competence in training professional teams by facilitating five wins in a row and winning the best coach award by two awarding platforms for ten and seven years in a row.
  • Juan Rincon – This coach has had one of the longest and most satisfying careers in baseball since his recruitment in 1996 and retired in 2015. He uses his skills and experience to forge young students on relieving, pitching, innings, and Ks, among many more.

These are only four of our current nine coaches, who all have a similar unwavering commitment and legendary name in the game. What will you get by working with one or more in the baseball training lessons?

Traits of the best baseball virtual coaches


High-performing players must have immaculate attention to different concepts of the game and a defined plan to execute the right move at the precise exact time necessary. Our baseball camp does this by starting with the fundamentals of each game’s move to put together a plan that guarantees positive outcomes with in-depth preparation, an unwavering attitude, and an international standard of excellence to set the game’s tone.


A good online baseball coach will maintain an unspoken code of ethics to foster respect with his students. Still, a great one will nurture a professional relationship to help smooth the learning process. We set clear expectations with all of our students and insist on following a positive discipline to grow your skills. Check out the full descriptions of all our coaches online, and sign up for the clinic to begin your baseball training online lessons.



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Virtual Baseball Coaches

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