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Paddle Boarding In Key West

Paddle Boarding In Key West

A Key West vacation is one of the most beautiful and relaxing trips you will ever take. In Key West, you will enjoy blue waters, silky white beaches, and fun activities. One of the best activities you can do is paddle boarding in Key West. Paddle boarding is enjoyable and calming. It allows you to get out and enjoy the water. It is ideal for anyone who wants to view the beauty of the area uniquely.

Can Anyone Learn to Paddle Board?

Paddle boarding in Key West is fun and easy. Anyone can learn to paddleboard. We take you to the mangrove creeks and channels where the water is smooth and calm. When you paddleboard you sit, stand or kneel on a board and use a small paddle to move across the water. As a beginner, you can sit or kneel on the board for more stability. You will soon get used to balancing on the board. Once you get comfortable, you can stand on the board. You can maneuver the board slowly through the water with your paddle.

Paddle Boarding in Key West

Paddle boarding in Key West is one of the best things you can do when you visit the area. Paddle boards are also called SUPs, stand up paddleboards. Paddle boarding is an activity that everyone will enjoy both young and old. We take you to the quiet, private, calm waters that are hidden from most vacationers. These waters are tranquil, and you can easily paddle your board without having to handle big waves. You will likely be able to see fish, turtles, and other wildlife from your board.

How Does a Paddle Boarding Outing Work?

At Back Country Key Charters, we utilize our quiet, custom Starcraft deck boat that carries up to four paddle boards. We take your small group through the meandering mangrove creeks and channels where you will find your private paradise. You are in charge of your paddleboard, so and your group can paddle around in the area to your heart’s content. Paddle boarding in Key West is relaxing and enjoyable. You don’t need any particular skills to participate in this fun activity on the water. It truly is a unique and memorable adventure. You can contact us to reserve a date and time for your paddle boarding trip.

About Back Country Key Charters

At Back Country Key Charters we offer a variety of tours and trips such as fishing, dolphin tours, snorkel trips, and paddle boarding excursions. Our expert tour guides know all the secret, hidden beaches, and coves where you can enjoy the Keys. These locations do not have as many tourists as the main beaches on the ocean, and the water is quieter and more serene. Here, you can experience paradise in your own way. We have years of experience and have a safety record that is second to none. We love the area, and we want you to love it, too. Contact us to schedule a fishing, snorkeling, dolphin watching, or paddle boarding trip for your upcoming vacation to Key West.


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