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Key West Backcountry Tours

Key West Backcountry Tours

Key West backcountry tours are some of the best activities that you can do while on the island. Back Country Key West Charters has over twenty years of chartering experience and an amazing record regarding safety. With us, you will explore the pristine waters of the backcountry.

Explore the backcountry

With a breathtaking paradisiac scenario, the mangrove forests that surround the backcountry’s gentle waters will amaze you. This is the perfect opportunity to relax and take in the natural vista. You can also take the opportunity to take some fantastic photos or videos, creating memories with your family and friends that you will last forever.

If you enjoy fishing, you will also be glad to know that we provide the necessary gear for you to catch some trout or snappers. With the waters being calm and having low waves, you will definitively be able to catch something.

Can you fish in Key West?

You can. In fact, you can go fishing all year-round on Key West island. With over twenty-five different species of fish available, there is not a season where you won’t be able to find some fish. The backcountry offers the most substantial diversity of aquatic species and the best catch volumes, out of all the island’s fishing charters. With us, you are sure to have your hands full after a one-day fishing trip.

Our boat has a powerful yet silent motor, perfect for fishing. This also allows you to absorb your surroundings entirely. With no noise emission, you can even spot some land species that live within the delicate ecosystem of the mangrove forests. These forests consist of small islands, that act as a protective shield against extreme winds and high waves.

Key West popular activities

Our Key West backcountry tours are not the only services that we provide. With our company, you can do many other fun activities throughout the entire island. Our most popular service consists of a four-hour trip of touring, paddle boarding, and beach time.

We will take you to a private beach where you are can become the captain of your own paddleboard or enjoy some relaxation time at the sandy beach. You can also come watch dolphins with us, and even snorkel among them. Our goal is to allow you to create the best memories possible so that you can remember them forever.

What fish do you catch in Key West?

Key West’s waters offer an immense amount of different species available for the catch. Such as:

  • Snappers
  • Tarpon
  • Groupers
  • Sharks
  • Permit
  • Pompano
  • Barracuda

You should choose our company to deliver your next adventure. Our professional team will guarantee your safety and allow you to have an amazing time through the Key West waters.

Whether you choose our Key West backcountry tours or our snorkeling trips, our prices will prove to be the most affordable amongst our competitors. Call us, at Back Country Key West Charters, today and book the vacation of your dreams.

Back Country Key West

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